Job Action Sheets

Job Action Sheets (JAS) detail who is assigned to what role and their responsibilities during a response. The positions here are assigned per the IMERT Sample Organization Chart.  Each form can be downloaded in Word or PDF format. The PDFs can be printed or filled in electronically.


Allied Health Unit Leader


Billeting Unit Leader


Charge Nurse


Communications Unit Leader


Community Liaison/Discharge Team Leader


Cost Accounting Unit Leader


Documentation Unit Leader


Environmental Services Unit Leader


Finance Chief 


Food and Nutrition Unit Leader


Infection Control Unit Leader


Information Technology Unit Leader


Liaison Officer


Logistics Section Chief


Medical Operations Chief/Chief Nursing Officer


Medical/Nursing Staff


Mental Health Unit Leader


Palliative Care Unit Leader


Patient Tracking Manager


Pharmacy Unit Leader


Planning Section Chief – September 13, 2012


Public Information Officer


Rapid Response Team Leader


Responder Health and Well-being Manager


Safety Officer




Security Unit Leader


Staffing and Accountability Unit Leader


Supply Unit Leader


Support Unit Leader


TMTS Administrator


TMTS Medical Director


Transportation Unit Leader


Triage Team Leader

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