The subject of providing emergent medical care in non-hospital settings is complicated. The need for such measures would likely only be as a result of a catastrophe that requires the evacuation of a population or an event that paralyzes or destroys the health care infrastructure.  The issues extend from legal and jurisdictional concerns to response operations through recovery strategies.  Many of these issues have yet to be resolved. In the meantime, we need to devise strategies to have the capability to mobilize resources and set-up operations with the knowledge and information available.

This provisional guide is meant to be a resource for healthcare providers and emergency managers to use as a resource to set-up and operate a Temporary Medical Treatment Station in response to a catastrophic emergency.  The guide is specifically designed to be useful during TMTS training or an actual event.

These documents are constantly evolving and should be considered a draft to serve as a starting point for your individual needs.  As you review and use these documents, please comment here on this site or send your feedback to us.  We fully expect to make changes and improvements in the near future based on feedback from you as a reviewer.  To receive notification of updates and changes, please sign up for our email list.